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At Golden Hearing, we go beyond the classical EQ model for audio tuning by taking a pioneering approach to explore new audio parameters. Our pride lies in the development of the AM Booster algorithm, a new way of improving the quality of music for individuals. This innovative algorithm focuses on enhancing amplitude modulation (AM), a critical component of music that can be challenging to perceive and appreciate by many.  Our algorithm aims to enhance the sound quality and clarity so that everyone can enjoy the full beauty of the music.

Our AM Booster algorithm is highly optimized, so we have proven that it can run on low-powered hardware. We have also done multiple tests to validate the effectiveness of our processing method. In our latest research we have found that more than 70% of individuals prefer to listen to music that is processed with the AM Booster.

Currently, we are working on new boosters for frequency modulation and timbre. Some listeners might prefer these new boosters or a set of boosters consisting of two or more individual boosters. Our goal is to help 100% of our customers by giving them the best possible Golden Booster that fits their hearing profile and music preferences best.



You are about to take the Golden Hearing Music Perception Test (GHMPT). This test is part of the research carried out by Golden Hearing to enhance music perception of people suffering from hearing loss. Through this test we will get more insight in how people enjoy listening to music. This ability is called music perception.

Before and during the test we will collect various data. However, your participation will be completely anonymous. The data collected will not contain personal information. We will only collect the data needed for our research. The data mainly consists of background information like your profile as a music listener and your test results.

The test consists of four parts, each of which concerns a specific aspect of your music perception. The duration of the test will differ per person, but it is safe to say it will take approximately half an hour. You cannot pause and continue at a later moment. If you wish to terminate the test prematurely, you can just close the browser screen.