About Us

We make music sound sensational

Our Story

Golden Hearing was founded in 2019. We are committed to developing breakthrough technology that will allow generations of consumers to enjoy music the best way possible, even if they are suffering from serious hearing loss. Our innovative set of algorithms allows for a unique hearing experience by realtime adjustment of a given music signal based on personalized preferences and by compensating for hearing loss. Golden Hearing is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Golden Hearing is a spinoff from a multidisciplinary study group facilitated by Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The group was established to develop a new music perception test. This test can be compared to an audiogram but focuses on the unexplored research area of ​​music perception. In the meantime, the founders of Golden Hearing had the idea of developing software that would automatically compensate a given incoming music signal for hearing loss realtime.

Our unique ‘Golden Booster’ software ‘boosts’ certain parameters which a music signal consists of like amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and timbre. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Because personal preferences play a major role in enjoying listening to music, the music perception test was further developed into the Golden Hearing Music Perception Test (GHMPT). The result of the GHMPT now determines the booster settings to optimize music perception in any audio device used (headphones, hearing aids, earbuds).

Our Team

Berend Glazenburg


M.D. PhD & ENT Specialist
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Nouri Khalass


System Architect & Technical Specialist
Delft Univeristy, The Netherlands

Evert Rijntjes


M.D. PhD & ENT Specialist
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Arne-Jan Polman


Operational Manager & Startup Advisor
Groningen University, The Netherlands

Tim Schoen

DSP Programmer

Marc Stotijn

Research Fellow

Jan de Laat